Charge Bikes – The Ambassador Finalists

p4pb11503023Charge Bikes have been running a video contest over the last few months, with a chance to join yours truly on the team, a custom Ti Charge bike and a bunch of other shizzle up for grabs – all in all a pretty sweet deal! Myself, Chris Akrigg, Mikill Pane, Josh Bryceland, Nick Larsen & Janine Hearn are the judges you needed to impress with your submission and amazingly I haven’t even had any bribes come my way. It’s no secret that I love cats and cakes so it wouldn’t have taken much, but now the deadline has passed I’ve given up listening for miaows emanating from my postbox.

So it’s too late – the six finalists have been chosen from everyone that entered and what a diverse bunch they are. In discussing our favourites we’ve not quite ended up fighting but there’s been a bit of shouting (in the office) and WRITING IN CAPITALS from my end, as I’m out in Italy at the moment.

So, the six of us have all ranked the videos according to our preferences then sent over the data to be fed into a complex algorithm which will fairly and squarely work out the winner.. either that or all the votes will be totted up on the back of a beermat and then we’ll forget who was meant to win. But for now, have a look at the entries and let me know what you think! Can you guess who got my vote?  

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