Women Of L’Eroica

My feet have barely touched the ground since I arrived back in the UK after my Italian odyssey with Met and Brooks. But myself and Mr Bikes N Stuff have managed to fire over some profiles of a particularly stylish bunch […]

Ghost Miss AMR Mtb Review

The women’s specific version of the popular Ghost Bikes ‘All Mountain AMR 5700’, the Miss AMR 5700 is an all mountain dream – stiff, responsive, with well thought out geometry and a heap of quality components that will keep you […]

Nose manual in La Defense

The day after the trick comtest in Paris we went riding in La Defense. It was a beautifully hot, sunny day and La Defense is full of great stuff to ride. It was also full of people so maybe a […]

Trick, Trick Boom/Lodown Magazine

Just so I can confuse myself even more about which posts to put on which blogs and sites, I now contribute to Lodown Magazine. I’ve written a short piece for them on the Paris Trick, Trick Boom competition last weekend […]

Disposal camera pics from Oregon

I left my camera on the plane from Vancouver to Portland. Ian left his iPad on the flight from London to Vancouver so you’d have thought I might have learnt from his mistake. Sadly not. I decided to go disposable […]

Brenton Salo’s Portland photos

I’ve been meaning to post these pics since I got them from Brenton Salo but I have been really busy with meetings and whatnot. The good thing is that Posy and I are now working with Knog lights so we’ll […]

San Francisco

Posy and I are still kicking it in San Francsisco. We’ve been updating our blogs over at the Charge site as those guys were kind enough to help us out with our flights so we’re getting our blog on for […]

More Euro pics

My camera battery didnt charge properly before I left England so I couldn’t take pictures the second half of my trip. Just got these through though courtesy of Arnaud. Thanks dude This  antique of a computer and shitty internet connection […]

Paris trip…

I had a meeting in Paris on Wednesday about something dead exciting which I am not allowed to reveal just yet. So I randomly decided to go to Paris the day before to get some riding in and just to […]

New York, New York

We are having a great time in New York having already got our lips tattoed, ridden with some new friends, had a good brunch, drunk bloody marys, visited Boneshaker’s and Trackstar, Neighburrito and Economy Candy…. I stuck a couple of pics […]

Berlin Cooler trip

I went to Berlin at the weekend primarily for fun, but also for an article for Cooler Magazine. I filmed a bunch of stuff, which I quickly realised a dislike doing because it interferes with your riding! Lovely Sam Hart […]