The Best Overnight Bicycle Adventures in the UK

As you guys probably know, I’m sponsored by a pretty damn awesome nutrition company, TRIBE. These UK based purveyors of amazing snacks, bars, shakes and hydration are so rooted in nature and the great outdoors that for this month’s ‘TRIBE […]

Taiwan’s West Coast on a folding bike

After a couple of weeks adjusting to the bone-chilling cold we’re experiencing here in the UK and some time planning my training for 2018’s race season, I’ve finally found an afternoon to sit down and  share my thoughts on cycling […]

Epic Bike Rides Of The World Book

Every autumn I like to spend some time thinking about next year, what my goals will be, my target races, which countries I’d like to visit with a bike and which rides I’d like to factor into my schedule. Aside […]

Bikepacking on the Ridgeway Trail

One of my new year’s resolution back in January was to go camp out somewhere by bike. It wasn’t meant to be fancy, complicated or far away, it just had to involve bikes, a tent and beer. Despite my relatively […]

My Cycling Bucket Wishlish

I’ve always been kind of anti ‘bucket lists.’ For some reason I find the whole concept slightly depressing – to me bucket lists bring your mortality into sharp focus and I don’t like to spend a whole lot of time […]

My Top Rides Of 2014

I must be getting old. Just like that, 2014 is over. I remember when I was a kid, the summer holidays lasted forever and Christmas always seemed an eternity away. I always hoped that those who told me ‘school days […]

It Takes Two – Brooks England Blogs

I’ve just joined the Brooks England blogroll to share my tales of touring and adventure…so that means I’ve got my maps out and I’m plotting my next escapade. I’ve a few things in mind, all of which spell my kind […]

Japan By Bicycle – A Trip Of A Lifetime

I recently penned a few words on my cycle touring trip to Japan for Total Women’s Cycling. Actually, I tell a lie – I typed a few words, but anyway… Here’s the original edit. “Sumimasen, camping?” I croak hopefully to a […]

Cycle Touring Gear Recommendations

I recently got back from cycle touring in Japan and I’m intending on writing heaps about it, but after several weeks enjoying myself I’ve had to knuckle down and get some work done before sitting down to pen any articles […]

Charge Plug 5 Touring Bike Set Up

The Charge Plug 5, though not specifically designed for cycle touring makes a really top notch machine for ‘bikepacking.’ It’s made from strong and sturdy steel, has rack mounts and best of all, disc brakes. I know traditionally, touring bikes don’t […]

Carradice ‘Super C’ Saddle Bag review

I’ve always really loved the look of Carradice Saddle bags, and as I’d heard nothing but good things about them, I decided to put one to the test. The Super C saddle bag is basically a giant saddle bag that’s perfect for […]

Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus Pannier Review

I recently reviewed the Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus panniers for Total Women’s Cycling. They’re some of the nicest I’ve tried, and some of the best looking too. Head on over there to see why I like them, or if you […]

Ooh, It’s Spring; BBQ Time!

Last summer was so goddam amazing that we were forced to pay for its radness by enduring a shitty winter. Ok, so it never really got cold, but it began raining before Christmas and truly didn’t stop until the end […]