My piece in The Ride Journal

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted anything. I have been SO busy, writing, shooting, doing a billion things. Last Autumn, I wrote a piece for The Ride Journal which was just recently published. I was really pleased to be […]

Pedal Speed London issue

The latest edition of Japanese Magazine, Pedal Speed is all about the London bike scene. Inside you’ll find  pics and words I don’t understand about myself and the Fixed Gear London crew amongst others. I’ll post some pics of the […]

Landscape Magazine interview

I do tend to try not to double post on my two blogs, but on the odd occasion I do it anyway. In case anyone is even remotely interested in why I have two blogs, here is the answer: I […]

Independent On Sunday cycle special

I made my way into the Independent On Sunday’s bike special, bagging myself a full page with a mini interview where they kinda sandwiched all the words I spoke together to produce something I didnt actually say…The picture came out […]

Fixe Mag

I just got the new issue of Fixe in the post. It looks really good and I’m happy to hear that Laura Manganaro has joined the Fixe gang. Laura’s in NYC at the moment most probably leaving a trail of […]

Champfest Mag

Monique’s has a new mag out. Nice one Mon! Inside you’ll find interviews with Jose Parla and Rip Zinger, photos from Jonathan Winstone and Ryan Hopkinson and an interview with me and my buddy, Sanna Charles. Go grab a copy! […]

Fixed Mag, Fixed Females

The latest issue of F ixed mag features an article on the women of fixed gear, written by and featuring yours truly. Take a peek and read about some of the top fgfs ladies.

Saturday Times Bike Style Pics

Marcus Ross has been shooting pics of London bike riders for a while now and some of his ‘London Bike Style’ pics were featured in the Saturday Times in an article about ‘it Bikes’. Now I’m not really sure what […]

Download Fixed Mag 3

Get the digital version of Fixed Mag 3 if you can’t get your hands on a solid copy. Click ME Here’s my pic from the mag taken by my lovely friend Sam Hart.

Cog Magazine interview

I just got the new issue of Cog Magazine through (thanks Kevin!) and it looks great. Go grab yourself a copy from Tour De Ville. Its full of lovely pictures and includes features on KyotoLOCO, Six Day Races in Berlin […]

Riding bikes makes you feel good..

Duh! Talk about stating the obvious but it does seem that not everyone realises this. Cooler Magazine published a little picture  and a few words on the benefits of getting out on your bike. I couldn’t agree more… I would […]

Trixie Chix in Cooler Magazine

The Trixie Chix feature in this months’s Cooler Magazine article on fixed gear bikes. Yes, the journalist does lazily harp on about riding with no breaks (sic), right next to a picture of bikes with brakes, but it’s great to see an article […]