Review: Oakley EVZero sunglasses

Oakley’s newest sports sunglasses, the EVZero are the company’s lightest yet and ideal for both running and cycling.   Available in two shapes – the Path and larger Range lenses, the glasses do away with a frame altogether to shave […]

PowerBar Energize Muffins and Bars

PowerBar, one of the original manufacturers of on-the-go sports nutrition just celebrated their 30th birthday by releasing a new PowerBar ENERGIZE Muffin Mix along with a revamped ENERGIZE bar made with natural ingredients. I love getting sports nutrition products through […]

Strongher release new women’s cycling kits

  I’m a proud ambassador of women’s cycling initiative Strongher. A worldwide collective, our aim is to encourage, inspire and assist fellow female cyclists, learning from one and other, putting on workshops for each other, hosting rides and more.   Strongher just launched their brand […]

Review: Sweaty Betty Padded Touring Pants

Women’s padded cycling pants are somewhat divisive. I’ve seen grown women take to Twitter to loudly complain that they’re stupid, telling anyone who’ll listen that they’re perfectly happy riding to the shops without padding. Either that or they don’t see […]

Lumo Regents Parker Cycling Visibility Jacket

One of the most funded global cycle clothing projects ever to hit Kickstarter, new UK brand LUMO have hit the floor running with a fantastic collection of jackets and bags designed to increase cyclist’s visibility to traffic. LUMO’s launch range, […]

Review: Howies Women’s Cycling Bib Shorts

For the past ten months, I’ve been lucky enough to have my cycling career supported by ASSOS, who’ve long had a reputation for producing the best cycling bib shorts that money can buy and needless to say I cannot recommend their products […]

New Charge Bikes Track Bike

Charge Bikes are well known for their iconic Plug single speed bikes, which back when fixed gear was booming helped spark a cycling revolution in cities such as London. Alongside the original Plug, Charge counted the Plug ‘Freestyler’ amongst it’s number – […]

Review: Saris Gran Fondo bike rack

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, when it comes to researching bicycle related products I’m nothing short of thorough and being one of those irritating people who can’t make up their mind without considering absolutely every possibility as though […]

Review: Sweaty Betty Zoom Tri Top and Shorts

UK sports and fitness outfitters Sweaty Betty produce really rather lovely workout clothing (despite the somewhat unfortunate name) and seeing as I’m far more interested in dressing up for activities than I am for going out, I’ve long been up […]

Goomah G733 Bike Check

I’ve been riding my Goomah Bike for a few months now, and in that time we’ve become firm friends so I thought I’d introduce her to you.     The bikes are designed and developed by the Assos Werkmanschaft, which is Assos’ […]

Review: Peugeot 5008. Yes, a car!

Peugeot recently got in touch with me and asked whether I’d like to try out their new 5008 to see how it fits in with a cyclist’s lifestyle. It’s a bit of a random one, though it slots neatly into the ‘And […]