Fixed Gear

Combo Magazine – Me and Met Fat

A French magazine called Combo recently ran a a little piece on my and the Met Fat mini velodrome race which I won in France. They somewhat cheekily lifted some text from this blog for the piece, so if it […]

Met Fat – A teeny track race

Hidden away in the heart of France, I’ Isle Jourdain is a small, unassuming town with a big secret. Just an hour by train from the bustling metropolis of Toulouse, a city it took us an hour and a half […]

Video – How to race on a mini velodrome

Met Helmets just released this video of me giving some advice on racing on a miniature velodrome. As I am a VERY NAUGHTY GIRL, I keep accidentally referring to the event as a ‘minidrome’ when it actually isn’t, it’s a mini […]

Beefeater ‘This Is My London’ video

British through and through, Beefeater’s latest campaign focuses on those living in the capital and their relationship with London. I shot and advert for them a while back; it was a super fun shoot which involved eating cupcakes and cuddling cats for […]

Red Bull Minidrome

I swapped my fat tyres for 35c’s and lightened up my gearing a touch and raised my saddle in preparation for the Red Bull Minidrome. I was super excited about this race, as it’s one of the most fun events to […]

Some pics from CMWC Warsaw 2011

Here are some pics from the CMWC in Warsaw. Some by me, some by Dave Noakes. We are saving the best for Moving Target Zine but haven’t uploaded them yet. Im sure at some point we will get around to […]

180s at Tottenham Rec

Had a good session today! Started off at 9am at the new BMX track on the wee bike then went and swopped to the fixed and headed to Tottenham Rec. Decided to give 180s a go and managed to get […]

Nose manual in La Defense

The day after the trick comtest in Paris we went riding in La Defense. It was a beautifully hot, sunny day and La Defense is full of great stuff to ride. It was also full of people so maybe a […]

Trick, Trick Boom/Lodown Magazine

Just so I can confuse myself even more about which posts to put on which blogs and sites, I now contribute to Lodown Magazine. I’ve written a short piece for them on the Paris Trick, Trick Boom competition last weekend […]

me in Munich for Les Ettes

Over in Munich visiting my pals from Les Ettes we fooled around with some iPhone apps and made this little video. There are no radical stunts I’m afraid as I’m sticking to the ground until my back is finally healed. […]

Victoria Park tree ride

Things are getting a little desperate here – it’s still snowy and icy and there’s not a whole lot to ride. So I went and sessioned this tree in the park. What a wierdo I am! Got completely covered in […]

Death Or Glory Rotterdam video

Seeing as I wasn’t meant to be riding at Death Or glory in Rotterdam due to my bad back, I decided it would be nice to film and edit a video of the trip instead. Unfortunately the boys buggered off […]

London’s Calling 2010

London’s Calling is taking place the week after next and looks like its gonna be ace. Twenty quid entry is a fair bit- I don’t have loads of money, drink in the park rather than the pub and eat a […]