I went along to the Carhartt BMX jam at the weekend. There was an alleycat on at the same time as part of the Bicycle Film Festival but I decided I’d rather go to the jam as there were gonna be some amazing riders in town.

It was pretty mental; in the end about 200 guys turned up with me Grace and Sam being the only females in attendance. We started off at Wandsworth roundabout and wound our way through town to the Barbican.There was some really good riding to check out plus we got to see some new sports which we definitely want to go back and session. We stopped off in an estate somewhere near Battersea and the little kids watching just couldnt believe what they were seeing. They were particularly taken with Taliban Tom who they called ‘The Hippy’ and it was cute seeing how excited they got. Quote of the day from the nippers had to be ‘Trust me, the hippy’s got skills – the hippy rocks!’




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