Bollocks. Whilst in Les 2 Alpes, I fell off my bike and broke my scafoid.

I am absolutely gutted as my new Charge Plug was delivered in my absence and now I can’t ride it. AND I have to get the tube to work. I can’t wait to ride again; this is agony. Goddammit!

At least I got to hang out at this beautiful lake for a day. Even if I had to keep my broken arm above my head to keep the cast dry.

Les 2 Alpes is an amazing place for snowboarding and riding bikes. The have hundreds of metres of trails, a bike park with hips, tables, spines etc and a snowboard park with two pipes and loads of kickers.  Unfortunately, the skatepark and mini ramp were shit but nontheless, Les 2 Alpes is a really great place to visit.

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