I started the weekend with the intention of doing lots of bike things. There was meant to be a race on Friday night but it absolutely pissed it down.  I stood around outside the Foundry getting soaked drinking cans and waiting to see what the plan was as I was meant to be helping at the checkpoint.  In the end the race was cancelled after only three nutters signed up so we went inside and got our drink on.

On Saturday I was meant to take the Vivalo to the track but I had to blow that out as I was gonna ride to Brighton with the Fixed Gear London boys. But then I had to blow that out too as I got in later on Saturday morning than they set off and slept until 5pm.

Saturday evening looked a bit like this:









Nina’s shoes were mental – reflective 90’s platform madness.


By far the best thing that happened this weekend was that we all decided to go to Hellfest in France. The lineup is insane! Eyehategod, Kylesa, Electric Wizard, Cro-Mags, Amebix, Suicidal Tendencies…. aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

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