I went to the London Bicycle Film Festival last week on the opening night, and saw a great selection of films, including Waffle Bike by the famous US artist Tom Sachs, Jim’s Lines, Standing Start and Macaframa. I wasn’t able to go to the rest of the festival because I was in Berlin all weekend riding with my friends, but what I saw was excellent. Charge sponsored the festival and donated a custom Plug as a prize which got a lot of admiring looks. Have a look at it here.

Myself and the girls are now planning a top secret trip to film for submission to next year’s festival. Brent, the man behind the BFF told us all that he wants more women involved, afterall the festival is dedicated to his mother, so we are going to try and get our film in there and even out the balance slightly. I’m also going to be doing some filming for a rumoured Fixed Gear London video as I’m now part of that gang/team/group/thingy.

Posy, Sam and I all had a go at Roller racing afterwards. It was the second time that I had tried it and I’d definitely improved… if not by much! The first time I think I came second to last!

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