Bicycle Film Festival London / Riding on my scraper bike

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming to London. There will be a BMX jam, polo, parties and films taking place between the 23rd and the 27th.

I’m gonna be leading a ride from East London to West on Friday so if you’re from out of town come along and see some of the city. And come if you’re from London coz I bet you live East and never leave. Like me.

Posy and I are throwing the party on Saturday night at Jamboree in conjunction with Carhartt and a beer sponsor who’s name I have forgotten. DUR. Flier and directions to come.


Make sure you check out the Urban Bike Shorts – I saw them in Zurich and they were ace. Check out the scraper bikes vid for a preview of one of the films. The scraper bike movie was Barnie Raps’s favourite – just ask him next time you see him!

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