I went to Berlin at the weekend primarily for fun, but also for an article for Cooler Magazine. I filmed a bunch of stuff, which I quickly realised a dislike doing because it interferes with your riding! Lovely Sam Hart took some pics and Posy Dixon was our writer in residence.

After getting up at an ungodly 3am, we arrived in Berlin really early and got a full day of it on Friday. Unfortunately, the ever shitty Ryanair squashed Sam’s chainring on the way out, so she had to hire a shopper for the whole weekend. That thing weighed a bloody ton and I’ve no idea how she even got around town. Must be those legendary thighs of steel!

We met up with some really nice people from the Berlin Fixed Gear Forum, hardly any of whom were actually from Berlin! Clara, Ronald, Ted, Morgan and Stefan took us out for the day and showed us some good spots for pics. We joined some other guys for a bit of polo, bombed along the river as dusk fell and rode some amazing bumps. I’m an idiot actually –  I have to find out where they were because they were such good fun. I should have taken a photo of them…it was a bit like a double snake run and you could hop from one side to the other.

On Saturday we got some shots on the bank under the Fernsturm at Alexander Platz, headed to the smooth open expanses of Potsdamer Platz and then moved onto the red wine… So Sunday was a little less productive. I was ill so I got in at 1am and the rest of the gang got in at about 6, which is actually early for Berlin.


Berlin is AMAZING! The roads are so wide, empty and smooth. The only thing I didn’t like were the tramlines; getting your wheel caught in one is pretty nasty so you have to make a sharp enough turn as you cross them. The strangest thing was the lack of other fixed gear riders – if we hadn’t arranged to meet up with other people and gone to the Keirin Berlin, I doubt we would have seen any others. Yet in London you can’t move for them unless you’re over the West side of town which seems to be lagging behind the rest of London. Anyway, the trip was amazing. I can’t wait to see Sam’s pictures. I didn’t get a chance to take many as I was riding when I wasn’t filming, but I’ll pull some off her Flickr when I can!

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