Ben Wilson’s Donky Bike

I had a chance to test out Ben Wilson’s awesome new cargo bike when I popped into Bike Fix on Lamb’s Conduit Street last week.

Called the ‘Donky‘ bike, this sturdy machine is the result of years of dreaming, designing and experimenting, a simple utility vehicle capable of carrying ultra heavy loads with ease. Although I only had a laden backpack to strap to the front rack, I’m told the bike is capable of moving a ton of gear and crucially, it doesn’t tip over when your cargo is placed on one end.

I love the industrial look of the bike and with the use of super strong BMX parts the bike is affordable, practical and versatile. The simple three speed gearing is aimed to get you moving with ease at a low speed and a heavy cargo so at no point do you feel unstable. In truth, the top speed is not going to set your heart racing but I think that’s beside the point, the bicycle is best for comfortable riding and ferrying your goods safely. A real bonus is that this strong, stable machine retails at around £500, so what’s not to like?


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