Beefeater ‘This Is My London’ video

British through and through, Beefeater’s latest campaign focuses on those living in the capital and their relationship with London.

I shot and advert for them a while back; it was a super fun shoot which involved eating cupcakes and cuddling cats for a large part of the day.

Alongside the billboard and magazine advert, we shot a little video of me riding around on the Charge Ti Plug, visiting bookshops and indulging in more cat bothering. Oh and having a drink of gin. Yes, folks, Beefeater is a drink, so no, this is not an advert promoting chowing down on our bovine friends, it’s about having a wee tipple. Now that’s been cleared up, maybe vegetarians and vegans might stop telling me off before bothering to find out what they’re talking about!?

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