So with the print campaign already in the bag, last week I rose at the ungodly hour of 4.30 to film a short video for the new Beefeater campaign, focusing on ‘My London.’

beefeater park juliet elliott

The  first shot was actually what the ad will close on, me in the fancy outfit I wore for the print ad. It was dark and snowing when we arrived in Hyde Park for this bit and with goose pimpled bare legs, I looked on in envy at the crew clad in their down jackets. Luckily it was pretty quick, then I was able to change into my normal clothes to film some riding in East London. Having shot a a video for Met the previous week, by this stage I was more used to having expensive cameras strapped to my bike but I still dreaded breaking one of them as my bike was seriously off balance. But once I got going, it was actually fine.

2012-12-05 09.49.24

2012-12-05 14.46.01


The last bit of the shoot was me drinking a gin and tonic and turning to speak to the camera. It was almost impossible not to laugh. Can’t wait to see the final edit!


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