catwoman by Sam Hart

After my adventures, I’m now back in Old Blighty trying to get on with some work and earn a bit of money for the next trip… and my bills! I had an amazing time in America – go check my blog over at the Charge Bikes site for some words and pictures.

Currently I have Catwoman curled up on my lap and the new Immortal album, All Shall Fall as my soundtrack. Can’t believe they released another album! I was gutted to miss them play in London (last year?) so maybe this means they’ll tour again. I’m on my first listen of a sneaky download with the picture disc ordered and winging it’s way to me. Sounds good so far although a little short at only seven tracks and slightly blander than their old stuff. Even black metal dudes mellow with age it seems.


On Saturday night I went to the launch party of Nikole Lowe‘s new tattoo shop, Good Times on Curtain Road. The place itself is massive and looked amazing, so if you want to be tattooed by two of the most beautiful and talented artists around, get on the waiting list for Nikole or Saira Hunjan now!


Posy recently wrote an article on Saira for Cooler Magazine, so you can read a few words with the lady  if you follow this link. The accompanying picture (below) is by Sam Ashley


Catwoman pic courtesy of Sam Hart.

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