And its cold, rainy and windy. Sucks after the lovely sunshine in NYC. And the roads in New York may have been full of potholes but in between those holes the roads were fast and smooth.  I much prefered it….As always, more here and check Posy’s blog here for her perspective.

Anyway, since getting back there’s been a big birthday party and for the first time in recent memory, the gang was in non bike mode. It was wierd. The heels came off after about half an hour.


sam djing

us at the party 

On Tuesday at tricks nearly the whole gang turned out – I was gonna get a snap but it was kinda dark. So we had Helen on her new pink Cutter which she is LOVING plus Sam on her new yellow spare parts bike, me, Emily, Kat, Mel, Georgie, Posy, Estelle and Minh Ai. It was great!

And other than that I started doing a but of filming yesterday and got performance anxiety. The minute that damn camera was switched on I couldn’t do anything. It was fun anyway though as I was looking at stuff with a new perspective; I rode up some banks and sculptures and stuff and jumped off them. It  jarred the bones a bit with my skinny tyres though….Must get some 28’s! Gonna try and do some more stuff this weekend and make a little edit although I always find its slightly disappointing when I watch the footage………..

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