Assos shoots and cycling Swiss motorways

I just got back from a whirlwind visit to Switzerland, where I met up with the Assos family to shoot some new images. As I live in the beautiful south west of England, actually getting there took approximately the same amount of time as I was actually in Lugano, but that’s the price you pay for living somewhere nice I suppose!

After a late arrival on Sunday evening, on Monday morning we headed off in the Assos team car, Goomah Bikes strapped to the roof as we drove to our mountain location to gather some images for a catalogue and some advertising.

Once in situ and kitted our in next year’s Spring/Summer collection, we began the really rather lovely task of riding up and down hills in the sun, past clusters of spring flowers emerging from the verges whilst Phil Gale, Assos’s photographer took some snaps of us. Those of you that know me know that I do actually work quite hard at my computer more days than I don’t, so moments like those are a true delight and I thoroughly appreciate them. I spent every second feeling pretty darn stoked at how awesome the cycling part of my job is. Ain’t nothing to beat it!


Juliet Elliott cycling in Assos clothing near Lugano


Shots in the bag, Phil showed quickly showed me the way back to Lugano, then I was left to my own devices to ride and enjoy the first of this year’s lovely weather. It was 30 degrees, and the first time I’d worn cycling shorts rather than tights outdoors this year, in fact it was the first time I’d been on a road bike for a month thanks to a rotten bout of flu! I blasted around the lake as fast as I could before pausing for an ice-cream in the sun – part of my new resolution to actually stop every now and again and just drink in my surroundings, rather than live my entire live at a frenetic pace. Sometimes I’m so busy fitting everything in that I forget to notice where I am.


Juliet Elliott cycling in Assos clothing near Lugano 2


On the way back to Paradiso, I made an exceptionally wrong turn and somehow ended up on a motorway with angry (and rightly so!) truck drivers honking at me whilst I tried to speed my way out of danger. After an encounter with the police, I rode off red-faced with shame at my stupidity. You live (thank god!) and learn. In case you’re ever in Lugano, make sure you select the right road crossing the lake because it’s embarrassing and dangerous if you take the wrong one. DUR

The next day, I woke bright and early to be whisked off to a studio in Milan to shoot some product photos for some yet to be released items of clothing. I think the last time I was in a studio in Milan, we were shooting the Prada Sport look book, which was an insanely precise job requiring about seven hours for each outfit. Thankfully this shoot was a little more laid back. And in case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t pose like Assos man!


assos shoot juliet elliott tattoos


Thanks to the Assos team for taking good care of me and inviting me over to the headquarters once again, it’s always a pleasure.

Now I’m just on the train on the way back to South West catching up on a few things ahead of tomorrow’s MET Helmets shoot in Devon. And the weather’s looking great. How’s your week looking?


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