For some reason, whenever I shoot with Assos it’s either pre-dawn or pissing it down. I’m quite envious of the other members of the team and the Assos Werkmanshaft, who from what I can judge via Instagram seem to be blessed with plentiful sunshine for all their shoots. But you know, maybe I’m just tougher than the lot of them… us Brits you know, we’re used to having to suffer through shitty weather. It’s either ignore it, or don’t ever ride.


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I invited Assos photographer Phil Gale over to the UK in order to show him how lovely my local lanes are and to take him out on one of my favourite rides, either to Dartmoor or down to the sea. So it was fitting that he got to experience some proper British weather. I’m quite sure he is not regretting his decision to relocate to Switzerland after that experience.

I hope your camera is ok after that downpour, Phil! Next time lets go somewhere sunny!

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