An Interview with me in Spanish (and English)

Do you speak Spanish? Fancy finding out a little bit more about me? Click here to head over to Spanish cycling magazine Cyclosfera‘s website to read my interview.



Don’t speak Spanish? Here’s a translation:

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What do you enjoy the most of your work?

The best thing about my job(s) is the fact I don’t have to go in to an office and I get to spend a LOT of time riding bikes.

Why do you bike?

The root of the reason is that riding bikes is just simple, innocent fun. I think that those of us that live the kind of lives where we are able to spend timing doing pointless things entirely for pleasure are extremely fortunate. Riding bikes is a privilege!

How does it make you feel?

Riding bikes keeps me feeling happy.

You prefer to ride alone or with someone else?

Hmm, it depends what I’m riding. If I’m training, it’s easier to just do that alone. Anything else and I prefer to ride with other people.

Why are there still more men on bikes than women in our cities?

Well you can’t change things over night! There have always been more men riding than women, but there are more and more women beginning to ride.

There are so many why there are fewer women riding but a big reason is definitely safety. Woman are naturally more risk averse than men and so many women feel unsafe riding in our cities.

What do you do when not biking?

If I’m not out riding then I’m doing something very lazy or relaxing as I’m usually trying to conserve energy or recover from training. So normally, I’m cooking, because I love good food, or I’m reading or watching a movie. Or I’m napping or taking a bath. I like hanging out at home with my husband and four cats.

Your favorite book, album, movie

Ooh, this is a hard question. Actually, impossible! Hmm…. Favourite book, I’m not sure. Off the top of my head, I really loved Dave Eggers’ ‘A Heart Breaking Work Of Staggering Genius,’ and Bugalkov’s ‘Master and Margherita’ always sticks in my mind. Or Gunter Grass’ ‘The Tin Drum.’

The bike of your dreams

This is also a really hard question. Honestly, I’m not sure I have a dream bike, but I’d really like a new fork for my jump bike and a Downhill bike. And a lovely steel tourer.

The best place to ride is…

Wherever it’s sunny and warm!

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