Alabaster Suns at the Crobar

l_30b1e07332454f45ab84dafda1bce8cfI used to love Capricorns but sadly they are no more. But Kevin and Nathan have a new band now called Alabaster Suns who are just as ace and have their debut album out on Iron Pig. They’re playing a free show tomorrow at everyone’s favourite rock hangout, Crobar, so get down there and check out how 

 “The band’s complex time signatures, and atypical riffs create a true sound all their own though, as they seamlessly blend staggeringly heavy freight-train bludgeon with more mellow breakdowns”.

I managed to snap this pic of Nathan’s tattoo at Hellfest after he passed out and I’m sure he would love me to post it here.. ..hehehe!  but seeing as the one I did recently is a tribute to him and Hellfest, I might just get away with it.


Anyway, I got myself a new screensaver this morning browsing the blogosphere…. came across this pic by Matt Lingo at the Shop 14 blog and it made me smile.

matt lingo

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