Hey guys! I’ve just got back from Norway where I had the most incredibly time riding Haute Route, a three day road ride/race that pushed me to my limits after the bout of sickness I’m still trying to bounce back from.

I’ve just edited the first video from Stage 1 and thoroughly enjoyed relieving a one-in-a-lifetime ride around the fjords near Stavenger. One that day, I pedalled hard through peaceful, uncrowded countryside as completely still, glassy water reflected the towering peaks silently looking over our brightly coloured peloton. I felt uniquely lucky to be in such a place and declared (to no one in particular) ‘this is the best place I’ve ever been.’


By Anthony Pease


Later in the day, as my mind wandered in the peaceful way that long days on the bike afford, I remember saying that to myself in several other locations recently. One such place was a little closer to home – Wales – where I was treated to an impossibly perfect weekend riding gravel trails and mixing short bursts of racing with admiring the country’s unspoilt hills. Then I remembered that I hadn’t shared my article for Cyclist about the weekend.


Gritfest 2019 Winners


I’m really proud to write for Cyclist. My subscription has just lapsed so I need to deal with that, but that small detail aside, the point it that I’m a big enough fan of the publication that I pay to have it delivered to my home before it hits the newsstands.

It’s also important to me that we hear and see women in big magazines such as this (and on their website) so though I’m pretty flat out already with all the other stuff I’m working on, I’ll always make time to write for Cyclist, should they allow it!

Please take a moment to read my piece here, it would mean a lot to me.

And in case you missed it, here’s my video from the weekend.



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