A pretty shitty week…

Well, this last week really has been pretty shitty.

It started off good when I went to the trails and rode my BMX a bunch then I decided to go meet my friends to ride fixed for a while. I saw Roy’s video of the park we’ll be riding at Death Or Glory in Rotterdam and got all pysched about riding, deciding I wanted to ride fixed as much as possible before the comp so I could make the most of what looks like a great spot. Sadly, it was not to be. I turned up at Mile End Skate park so fucked and tired and achy that I had to go straight home. I thought my muscles were aching from riding but it turned out to be tonsillitis which I’ve now had for a week! On top of that I  had to throw away my Discharge ticket (it was non transferable), cancel my appointment with Thomas Hooper, miss a shoot for Vans AND give away my Watain tickets.

Anyway, today I finally got some antibiotics so now I’ve done moaning I’m gonna shut up.  I also got sent a nice box of tricks from Carhartt including some pedals and grips. Thanks guys! Looking forward to wearing all that stuff once I’m not housebound!

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