Me and my buddies Phil and Ian decided we wanted to escape the big smoke and do some riding and wild camping. We didnt have much time so this was to be a recce for a longer trip later this summer.

The original idea was to ride everywhere by BMX stopping at parks and sleeping wherever. However I vetoed that idea as it was retarded; we would have been so knackered by the time we got anywhere we wouldn’t have been able to ride.

First stop was Saffron Walden. The bowls were really big, much bigger than they looked in pictures and I felt a bit intimidated so mainly rode the stuff round the edge after I twatted myself just dropping in. Dur!! I liked the hip kinda quarter thingy you can see this dude riding behind Ian.

After riding all day in intense heat we were pretty fucked so went to buy some cans and find a river to jump in. Unfortunately the river we’d seen was on private land, shallow as hell and full of duck poo. Pretty though:

For some reason, Phil had brought a hole heap of shit with him including a hop scotch kit as he couldn’t find a camping mat. I thought girls were meant to be the ones who over-packed? Why the hell would you want to carry all that shit around? The boys laughed at me for bringing mascara. Haha, fuck you! : )

My stuff:

and Phils:

We ended up cruising about a bit till we found a nice patch of ground to hang out and finish up the cans. Once they were done we sunk a few jars at the pub. So by this point it was dark and we were drunk. Perfect for trying to find somewhere to sleep!

We cut off the main road as we saw a wood then ended up in a giant field of shoulder high nettles. Covered in stings we backed out of the woods and went a bit further up before trying to find a clearer spot. It was pitch black and we had absolutely no idea where we were sleeping; the only way to find out whether you were lying on something wierd was to take a photo. You literally couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. In the end, Phil relented and gave me a couple of hop scotch squares to lie on despite my piss taking and Ian rigged up the hammock.

I kept having wierd dreams about being found and didn’t sleep that well as I’d initially fallen asleep  laying on rocks and twigs.

Next day we went to Harlow where they had an ok bowl… well it might have been ace for all I know but all I did was air the hip one way, carve round and then air the hip the other way. I also managed to catch my front wheel on the coping airing the quarter. I was so battered and bruised from this trip but I’m kinda used to being permanently covered in grazes. My legs look like shit.

After Harlow we went and rode at my favourite place on the way home before collapsing. Good trip guys, gotta do another when you’ve healed Phil!

EDIT: Ian just sent me some much better photos than the ones I took! Here’s a few:

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