A few thoughts on 26inch versus 700c on my Scissor

So I’ve been riding this new setup for a couple of days now and I have to say I’m not 100% sure I’m gonna stick with it although I’m definitely going to give it a little longer.

As I suspected I have a lot more pop and can bunny hop higher and more easily and of course I have more clearance. There are however several downsides. I’m now going to bore you with them…..

Firstly these smaller wheels have messed up my wheelies as I now have a different balance point. Of course, I can adapt and get round this but it’s still annoying.

Secondly, and more importantly, my bottom bracket is now stupidly low as this frame is not designed to take 26 inch wheels. So I have a far greater risk of pedal strike. In fact I gave myself a bit of a fright dropping into a bowl today and catching a pedal. Now that may be my shoddy technique (it was my first try) but I’d definitely feel more comfortable with less chance of clipping my pedals.

One of the other things I was looking to address was the problem of frame size; namely the fact that my frame is too big and doesn’t come in a smaller size. Well now I have smaller wheels I can actually stand over my frame and I’m less likely to fall off and hurt myself on the top tube but it hasn’t solved the problem of the frame being too long. Its still too much of a reach for me.

So there you go. The extremely dull thoughts that go through my mind…… God I’m boring

EDIT: i just got word from Nick at Charge Bikes that this Scissor mk2 prototype isn’t the final geometry. The production model has different geometry entirely and a lower stand over height. I wonder if it has a higher b/b? Can’t wait to find out. The Scissor v2 is gonna hit the shops in the UK in November or December.

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