A Coven Trip To The Mountain Bike Chalet

Nearing the end of our stay at The Mountain Bike Chalet in Les Arcs, the fella and I decided it was the best trip we’d had in years. Then we remembered all the other amazing places we’ve been fortunate enough to visit and backtracked slightly…. But jeez louise, it was a good trip, and one I intend to repeat on an annual basis.

After a spectacularly stressful start to our trip which saw us one bike down for what was supposed to be a trip combining product reviews for Total Womens Cycling and a travel piece for Coven, we’d enjoyed what can only be described as heaven on earth. The riding in Les Arcs in the summer is tremendous – not only could we do away with any riding up hills for the week, we could also indulge in endless kilometres of varied singletrack, hone our skills on a fairly friendly DH course and enjoy spectacular far reaching views of the very mountains on which I’d honed my skills as a snowboarder.


Sadly, it was the Orange 5 Alpine which didn’t arrive in time for the trip, so I’ve yet to get my hands on one to review, however I did have the chance to try out the Ghost Miss Amr 5700, which I can highly recommend. Take a peek at my review on Total Women’s Cycling. I also wrote up the trip for Coven Magazine, so head on over to check out some words and images from the week.


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