A big ol’ shoot in London

It’s a fair while since I was a model, well I mean a proper one… I do the odd shoot now and then like the G Shock campaign earlier this year and some other bits and bobs. But a fair while back (ok, around the year 2000) I was earning a living from prancing about in fancy clothes and complaining about the cold. So it was pretty odd to be back on the set of a fairly large budget ad shoot last week where a crew of twenty people were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. I actually enjoyed it a lot more this time around.

After having my hair, nails and makeup done we got straight down to business – posing with a bicycle and trying not to feel silly. Luckily for me, the stylist had allowed me to choose most of the clothes myself and my sponsor Charge Bikes sent up a lovely Ti Plug for me to drape myself over.

As the shoot was all about me and ‘my London’, the ad agency had arranged for various props that would flesh out the story a little, so imagine how excited I was when not one, but two ‘stunt’ cats turned up in the afternoon! So after stuffing my face with steak and ale pie and eton mess (not at the same time!) my job was to cuddle said cats in front of the camera. Once that delightful task was over (I did try to drag it out as long as possible) I then to eat loads of cupcakes for the next shot. Life is sooooo hard sometimes!

Now the print ad is done, we’re moving onto the video where I’ll be riding around London showing the viewer my favourite haunts. And following that, it’s off to Madrid for the launch party of the campaign.

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