Speedo #PedalToPool Swimming Update

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s been a bit of a funny year. I’ve had so much time off the bike due to injury and ill health yet I’ve also had some of the best results I’ve ever achieved and some amazingly fun times.

One of the best things that happened this year was that I took up swimming after Speedo got in touch and set me the challenge of adding it to my cycling training regime. It’s been really nice to have that constant what with everything else being so up and down.




Swimming is something I can always do easily. It’s quick and easy to fit into my day, you can find a pool most places, the equipment is minimal and it’s cheap. But most importantly, I can do it however I feel and whatever the condition of my body, adapting training (or relaxation) sessions according to what I need.

If I’m injured or my back pain flares up, I can still swim as it’s low impact and supportive of my body. If I’ve smashed out a really hard ride, I can swim as it’s helps my body to recover better than just lying on the sofa. Rest days from cycling can be put to good use with a pool session too, which is great for me as I actually find it hard to just do nothing. Swimming always affects me in a positive way.


img_1717 kingsteington-swimming-pool


Aside from that, swimming has helped me make new connections and opened up new lines of conversation. I’ve been invited to swimming training sessions and clubs and even an exciting new swim camp that I’m really hoping I get to attend.

Some of my friends have been inspired to get back in the pool too and I even managed to get Dave swimming – he was convinced when it magically washed away the shoulder pain he was carrying from a long ride the day before. Over in Barcelona, a big group of us went to the amazing swimming pool in Monjuic, did laps, splashed about and swam lengths underwater before emerging ravenous and heading to feast on seafood. It was one of the highlights of my trip!





So stop wondering whether you should try swimming or not, just go and jump in the pool – once you’ve been once you’re likely to go again.



Head over to the Speedo site for my new blog on swimming.

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