I’ll admit to being a bit skeptical when I first I first heard about plans for the 417 Project from the guys at FlyUp Downhill. A brand new mountain bike facility with downhill runs, dirt jumps, two indoor riding barns,  a 4X track, dual slalom, air bag and drag lift? Hell, we even thought of choosing a home closer to the place when we moved back from Italy last year.

In the end, we chose good old Devon because we just love it here, but 417 Project certainly remained an alluring prospect so I’ve been keeping an eye on FlyUp’s website and Facebook ever since, just hoping for a little update on what the team have been doing.


Juliet-Elliot-Flyup-417-Project-5-of-17 Juliet-Elliot-Flyup-417-Project-10-of-17


They’ve been keeping things very quiet indeed, so for my first Wideopen Magazine feature I decided to make my way over to Gloucestershire to get a sneak preview to share with my equally curious friends.

Unfortunately, whilst I was there I got an absolute blinder of a migraine whilst there which meant I could only see out of half of my right eye. I did manage to get a few runs in on the Marin but I wasn’t exactly smashing it!

Head on over to Wideopen Magazine to read all about my day at 417 Project and find out what you can expect to ride when the place opens in March. I’m hoping to go back to there when I have the full use of my eyes and no headache!


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