Ok, so I was more than a little disappointed that I didn’t get a place in the Ride London Surrey 100, part of the of biggest ever festival of cycling in the UK. But not to worry, because there’s a whole heap of good stuff already in my diary.

First up, we have the Morvelo Citycross, which as the name suggests, is a cyclocross race in the city. Originally billed as taking place in a Mill in Halifax, the race has since been moved to a scrapyard, which may well be even more fun. I’ll be racing in the women’s category along with a bunch of undoubtedly fitter ladies, and Charge Bikes will also be up there with the real contenders. Hope to see you there!


Towards the end of March, I’ll be speaking at the Bikes V Design night at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve always wanted to go to one of the V & A’s celebrated Friday Night Late events, and if reports from past events are anything to go by, this will be amazing. I spoke at the first Bikes V Design night last year at the Design Museum and it was a great.


After that, I’ll be nipping up to Edinburgh for the Red Bull Hill Chasers, so if I’m not to make a fool of myself, I’d better get some practice in around the hills of Devon beforehand. 2011-02-01-red-bull-hill-chasers-video

Next up is a minidrome event in Toulouse, where I’ll be flown over to hang out with my buddies at Met Helmets and battle for supremacy on the tiny track. More info on that when I get it. The weekend after, I’ll be taking my first trip to an international standard indoor track, when I try a session at Newport Velodrome.


So that brings me to the mid of April and the Fixed Gear Exeter film night. In between all that, I need to fit in all my work, plus a few trips to various skateparks and get some mountain biking in. Good job I like getting up early!

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