Have you checked out the new website for Coven Magazine? Maybe you haven’t yet been subjected to me constantly speaking about my new project? If that’s the case, then listen up.

Coven Magazine is an independently published (by me!) action, art and adventure magazine for women. Now let me tell you, that despite the obvious rewards of self publishing, it’s incredibly hard work, particularly when you are trying to fit in other ways of paying your bills at the same time.

My aim is simply to produce something credible, likeable and enjoyable, which appeals to people like me and I hope I’m on my way to achieving that. In fact, I very much hope I am, or I quit.. haha!

So to explain, I like the outdoors, I like camping, the sea, the mountains.  I like the city, independent bookshops, tiny, amazing galleries. I like fancy ice creams and really good food. I like proper coffee, wine and micro breweries. I like amazing technical outerwear that doesn’t make you look like a trainspotter. I like hand made and I love DIY. I have a passion for climbing, surfing, snowboarding and bikes. I like to stay in interesting places where they take care of you but I also like a bivvy bag. I like lipstick but I have dirty hair….I like clothes but I don’t like fashion mags.

Anyhow, our new site is live and issue three is on the way. Well, it’s not quite finished but it will be ready in time to arrive with our stockists mid October, right on schedule. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Issue Two, check it out here

Hope you like what you see! I’ve provided a picture of a bottom in case that’s of interest.

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