All of it of all of the time

Now that I’m riding fixed AND bmx, im finding it hard to squeeze in as much riding as I want to and to get a bit of work done too.

On Sunday I went out on the little bike as I hadn’t ridden it since the trails about a week ago and I ended up having a great time riding. It was a super nice day, we had a BBQ once we got the damp coals to light but I did miss out on what looked like a good session with my friends from Mixtmeat who all went and rode a new spot we found a few weeks ago.

Anto pic by Trevor Gordon:

So yesterday, I decided to ride both. I went out on the fixed gear in the morning as I’d had to drop some packages first anyway and I ended up riding for three hours in London Fields, practising sliders and hopping stuff. Then after whizzing home and shoving some food in my mouth I jumped on the bmx and headed up the road for the second three hour session of the day:

I went back out on my fixed gear afterwards to meet my friends and ride some more but that was pushing it a bit far… I managed about an hour of falling over and a series of yawns and that was it. Great day!

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