December 2015

The Highs and Lows Of Cross Racing

  After my first ever summer of training a racing, when the crit season drew to a close I was left mourning the loss of an activity I’ve very quickly grown to love, so despite a couple of spirit crushing […]

Join me for a Strongher Xmas Ride

  Fancy meeting new people and going for a festive ride? On the weekend of December 19th and 20th Strongher ambassadors around the world are leading festive rides in their hometowns and you’re invited. Come on a guided tour of […]

An Interview With British Cycling’s Breeze

British Cycling’s Breeze initiative is one of most successful schemes for encouraging and assisting women to get into cycling and I’ve long admired the hard work the team at British Cycling and their network of hugely dedicated volunteers have put into it. […]

417 Project Preview

I’ll admit to being a bit skeptical when I first I first heard about plans for the 417 Project from the guys at FlyUp Downhill. A brand new mountain bike facility with downhill runs, dirt jumps, two indoor riding barns,  a […]