May 2015

The Next Step For New Cycling Converts

One of the reasons I write this blog is to share things that I’ve discovered in my journey deeper and deeper into the mysterious world of cycling in the hope that these tips and insights might speed up your own […]

Never say never

I don’t mean to turn a blog about cycling into some self-help site filled with motivational crap – that kind of thing makes me cringe – but sometimes what begins as an idle thought floating about my head gathers pace […]

Video: A 15 Second Mountain Bike Shred

I’m a little obsessed riding mountain biking right now, so you may well see a lot of it on Bikes N Stuff, sandwiched between all the other bikes I still enjoy riding! Having never made a mountain bike edit before, […]

A Female Frame Builder Speaks!

Unashamedly a feminist trying in my small way to redress the balance and to celebrate talented women, when I decided to write something frame building in the run up to Bespoked Handbuilt Bike Show, I purposefully set out to discover whether […]