February 2015

How To Get Faster

Or how not to… Read my frankly quite useless advice over on the Brooks blog. Or to paraphrase: do stuff because it’s fun and not because you have to. AKA Just give in and be slow.   Read on over […]

I’m One Of Bike Biz’s Cycling Women Of The Year

I feel really honoured to have been named one of Bike Biz‘s Women Of The Year! Cycling’s Women Of The Year list includes cycling industry bods, riders, organisers, campaigner, designers, bloggers and more, recognising s women in cycling who’ve made a splash, contributed […]

Review: Kitshack’s Buff

My Dad is a Buff aficionado. I remember him excitedly explaining to me the virtues of the humble tube of fabric one Christmas, as he lovingly bestowed upon me my very first. The following year when he presented my new sister-in-law […]

Review: Pedro’s Bike Cleaning Products

My husband and I are constantly cleaning our bikes. It’s a never-ending chore that I find boring and annoying, but life can be annoying and boring sometimes. Anyway, seeing as I’m constantly scrubbing, rinsing and spraying my bikes with various potions, […]

One Of The Best Cycling Routes In Devon

Women’s Cycling magazine asked me to share one of my favourite Devon cycling routes, and though I love Dartmoor dearly, on this occasion I chose to describe a stunning ride along the English Riviera, taking in Torquay, Dartmouth, Slapton, Kingsbridge […]

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Last year Dave and I moved to Italy, Lake Como to be precise, and we absolutely loved the stunning scenery with endless mountains surrounding us. The glass fronted apartment with a view down to the pool and the lake was […]