January 2015

A Visit To Bike Park Wales

The more I ride mountain bikes, the more I love them. But curiously for someone who really likes gruelling road rides, I’m not that into riding cross-country – it’s just too much hard work and far too slow and I […]

Review: Clif Builder’s Protein Bars

When I’m trying to squeeze in rides, get all my work done and organise all the other time-consuming things that life demands of me, sometimes eating proper meals or making wise choices when it comes to snacks can be a […]

My Top Rides Of 2014

I must be getting old. Just like that, 2014 is over. I remember when I was a kid, the summer holidays lasted forever and Christmas always seemed an eternity away. I always hoped that those who told me ‘school days […]

What Are The Best Events Of 2015?

As it’s January, I’m taking a little time to try and plan my year. It’s a bit of a tricky endeavour, as despite it seeming to the casual observer that all I ever do is ride bikes, I do actually […]