October 2014

Track Bikes In The Mountains

These guys are total nutjobs. In the nicest possible way.” I was trailing behind three Italian strangers with whom I’d briefly interacted on Instagram, and I was wondering about their sanity. Forty five minutes into a seemingly never-ending climb my […]

Cycling In Italy – Stelvio

There are a few places every cyclist dreams of riding, and seeing as by some twist of fate I’ve ended up living in the Italian Alps, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tick a few of those rides off […]

Hello Italy!

Isn’t life weird? On minute you’re sitting at home in Devon cuddling the cats whilst working on your freelance projects, the next you’re called to a meeting in Italy with a potential job in the offing. I’ve been happily self-employed for […]

Some love for Devon

When Dave and I first announced we were moving to Devon, a lot of people thought we were totally nuts. I guess from the outside it seemed like a sudden departure – we were both so involved in London life […]