August 2014

Carradice ‘Super C’ Saddle Bag review

I’ve always really loved the look of Carradice Saddle bags, and as I’d heard nothing but good things about them, I decided to put one to the test. The Super C saddle bag is basically a giant saddle bag that’s perfect for […]

Fixed Days, Berlin & The Rad Race

Wow, my life is pretty mental sometimes. I’m in Austria at the moment shooting snowboard photos for Redbull, and just last weekend I was in Berlin riding, racing and being photographed by Met Helmets. I’ve been dying to write something about […]

Ooh, It’s Spring; BBQ Time!

Last summer was so goddam amazing that we were forced to pay for its radness by enduring a shitty winter. Ok, so it never really got cold, but it began raining before Christmas and truly didn’t stop until the end […]

Met Video – We Are Italians

Ok, so we’re not Italians, but Met Helmets are, and last year they were kind enough to invite Dave Noakes and I to visit the beautiful area that they call home. Lake Como is not only home to the mega rich, but also can […]

Who Are Velodeath?

I wanted to try out a new lens for my camera (in case you’re interested, I’m not convinced it’s any good), so Dave and I snapped a few pictures of him wearing one of his many Velodeath shirts. So who […]

Evoc Bike Travel Bag

What a should be doing: writing a shed load of articles I have stacked up, finishing laying out the next issue of Coven, emailing councillors about the skatepark and youth cafe we’re developing in Newton Abbot, having two Skype meetings, […]

Riding The Velodrome

I can’t lie – getting to grips with riding a velodrome is tricky. No, not because it’s actually hard to pedal continuous anti-clockwise circles, it’s just hard to get on the bloody thing. Myself and Dave have both spent many […]

Good Stuff Coming Up In 2014

I’m having one of those days. Those days hit me like a sock in the face, sending me spinning and tumbling like a leaf in storm before I settle exhausted at the bottom of a pit. I’ve had days like these since I was […]