Filming With GoPro For Red Bull

The fine folks at GoPro hooked me up with a Hero 3 to play around with, which has been super fun so far. I’ve tried using the various different mounts; head, bars, chest etc and taken the mini camera out […]

Coven X Milltag Cycle Kit Restock

A few months back, I designed a Coven cycle kit which was made in collaboration with British purveyors of Italian made bike apparel, Milltag. We put the kit up for pre-order as I was nervous in case nobody ordered it, […]

Orbital Cycling Festival

I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve begun to notice them more, but it seems like there are many more cycling events taking place these days! The latest one to hit my radar is Orbital Cycling Festival, which takes place […]

Combo Magazine – Me and Met Fat

A French magazine called Combo recently ran a a little piece on my and the Met Fat mini velodrome race which I won in France. They somewhat cheekily lifted some text from this blog for the piece, so if it […]

Scott Contessa CR1 review

As a freelancer, my job is pretty varied, and that’s just the way I like it! As one of my favourite things is riding bikes, reviewing them for various publications can be pretty awesome if it’s a good ‘un, ‘oh […]

Erlestoke 12 Hour MTB Enduro

Before moving to Devon, I thought that mountain biking was pretty crap. The very first time I went was in the Alps – I spend the first day hurtling down a very steep mountain on a hard tail with an […]

Nelson’s Tour De Test Valley

Last year, a good friend from my snowboarding days, Nelson, decided that life was too difficult to continue. Sadly, Nelson’s joy was stolen by severe depression, and like many people, he struggled alone for a long time without getting any […]

Take A Peek At My Tumblr

I started a Tumblr so I could display some of the photos from my travels in a nice format, it just seemed a waste to have them all languishing in folders in the depths of my computer. This way, I […]

Terrorising Spain From Afar

When Beefeater got in touch about working together, I thought, hell yeah, I’ll be drinking G & T’s for life. What I didn’t initially realise is just how much the Spanish love gin, and that my ad was destined to […]

My First Sportive – London Revolution

Alongside snowboarding, I’d was really into skateboarding as a teen, and I just couldn’t see why anyone would want to ride a skatepark on a bike instead of a board. To me, it just looked like there was so much […]

Dialling In The New Ride

The more you ride, the fussier you get, right? Well it’s not strictly fussiness, you just get to know what works for you. It’s also about making your bike fit for purpose – I had super narrow bars on my […]

Stuff Your Face

Anyone who says the modelling industry doesn’t promote eating disorders is lying. I remember when I was working as both a model and a snowboarder, it was a bloody nightmare sometimes – on the one hand I was trying to […]

Group Exercise Classes

In my mission to get fitter, faster and stronger, I’ve been trying some exercise classes, something very new to me. I can honestly say that before this year, I hadn’t participated in any form of group exercise since school. Even […]

An Interview With Me In Spanish

El Duende magazine sent me over a few questions a while back. I can’t really remember what I said in response, I seem to remember being in a bit of a hurry. So I have no idea how this comes […]

Trek Domane WSD 5.9 review

I’ve been given the rather lovely task of testing out some high end road bikes for Total Women’s Cycling… Yes, I know it’s a terrible job, riding about on lovely bikes before putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard […]