May 2013

Stuff Your Face

Anyone who says the modelling industry doesn’t promote eating disorders is lying. I remember when I was working as both a model and a snowboarder, it was a bloody nightmare sometimes – on the one hand I was trying to […]

Group Exercise Classes

In my mission to get fitter, faster and stronger, I’ve been trying some exercise classes, something very new to me. I can honestly say that before this year, I hadn’t participated in any form of group exercise since school. Even […]

An Interview With Me In Spanish

El Duende magazine sent me over a few questions a while back. I can’t really remember what I said in response, I seem to remember being in a bit of a hurry. So I have no idea how this comes […]

Trek Domane WSD 5.9 review

I’ve been given the rather lovely task of testing out some high end road bikes for Total Women’s Cycling… Yes, I know it’s a terrible job, riding about on lovely bikes before putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard […]

Met Fat – A teeny track race

Hidden away in the heart of France, I’ Isle Jourdain is a small, unassuming town with a big secret. Just an hour by train from the bustling metropolis of Toulouse, a city it took us an hour and a half […]

Coven x Milltag Cycle Kit

I’m not gonna lie, I’m so, so stoked on this cycle kit I’m doing with Milltag. I came up with the pattern myself, loosely basing it on rugs, then I  farted about on illustrator for hours copying and pasting triangles. […]

Are you a cyclist? Or do you just ride?

I recently wrote a guest blog post for Kansi, bemoaning the seriousness with which some of us take our commutes. I didn’t even get started on the way some people ride, (particularly along hipster highway, aka Old Street – bonkers!), […]

My new Charge Bikes Video

Way back when I’d just become fixated with riding fixed gear in London, Charge Bikes sent Alex Rankin along to shoot a film all about me riding the Charge Plug in the city. It was a really fun time, people […]