March 2013

Video – How to race on a mini velodrome

Met Helmets just released this video of me giving some advice on racing on a miniature velodrome. As I am a VERY NAUGHTY GIRL, I keep accidentally referring to the event as a ‘minidrome’ when it actually isn’t, it’s a mini […]

Squeezing in some riding

Things have been mega hectic with work, not least as the fourth issue of Coven Magazine is nearing completion. But grumpy girls don’t work well, so I always find time for a ride or a trip to the gym. This […]

Citycross nearly killed me

I know for a fact that racing isn’t my strong point, but I like to try it anyway. Call me a masochist, call me stupid, but I like to give everything a go. So even though I’m better at chucking […]