January 2013

Hill Torture

I’m still exploring Devon, seeking out new routes and enjoying the beautiful scenery and astonishingly considerate drivers. But the area is outrageously hilly so sometimes I unwittingly bite off a little more than I can chew. Today was one of […]

Wiggle Team Honda Launch

I was really, really, genuinely excited to go along to the Wiggle Team Honda launch this morning with Total Women’s Cycling. Women’s cycling fascinates me; these women are amazing and to witness the birth of a brand new professional female […]

Beefeater ‘This Is My London’ video

British through and through, Beefeater’s latest campaign focuses on those living in the capital and their relationship with London. I shot and advert for them a while back; it was a super fun shoot which involved eating cupcakes and cuddling cats for […]

Cycle ‘Training’

Seeing as I’m up and down from London all the time and the fixed gear is so perfect up in the capital, I’ve been riding my Charge Filter a whole lot down here in Devon. I toyed with the idea […]

Red Bull Flow Camera App

My pals at Red Bull told me of the idea for their new app a while ago and I immediately liked the idea. It’s a little like a video based mixture of twitter and instagram, integrated with facebook, the idea […]

Cold, Dark & Boring

Cant winter be over now, please? Seeing as I’m not up a mountain snowboarding, I’d quite like my sunny evenings back and a few more sessions on the BMX. Loving the cyclocross and getting all muddy and that, but craving […]