March 2011

Nose manual in La Defense

The day after the trick comtest in Paris we went riding in La Defense. It was a beautifully hot, sunny day and La Defense is full of great stuff to ride. It was also full of people so maybe a […]

Trick, Trick Boom/Lodown Magazine

Just so I can confuse myself even more about which posts to put on which blogs and sites, I now contribute to Lodown Magazine. I’ve written a short piece for them on the Paris Trick, Trick Boom competition last weekend […]

I dunno what’s going on in Hackney… looks like they’ve got their act together on the recreation side of things! Not only are they building a new skatepark in Victoria Park, but we are also getting an updated BMX track […]

Riding with Jordan Smith

I’m back on the trick bike or my bmx on my days off from delivering packages. Working as a courier has made me a lot stronger which is great as I had so much time off before due to injury.  […]

Albion Magazine launch

Some of the guys from Ride have left to start up their own free BMX magazine called The Albion. I know Benson is involved and he’s not only a great rider but an excellent photographer to boot, so I’m sure […]

It’s Horrible at The Alibi

I’ve got a party on at the Alibi in Dalston on Saturday. It was ace last time as the Djs are so good and get ya dancing. I dance like a nob so come to laugh at me at least. […]