February 2011

Black Rainbow Projects hip bag

My friend Scott has just started making these bags under the name Black Rainbow Projects and they rule. I saw the messenger bag which is being put through it’s paces at the moment and it looks seriously good with well […]

Disposal camera pics from Oregon

I left my camera on the plane from Vancouver to Portland. Ian left his iPad on the flight from London to Vancouver so you’d have thought I might have learnt from his mistake. Sadly not. I decided to go disposable […]

me in Munich for Les Ettes

Over in Munich visiting my pals from Les Ettes we fooled around with some iPhone apps and made this little video. There are no radical stunts I’m afraid as I’m sticking to the ground until my back is finally healed. […]


I went out to ISPO in Munich last week. Unfortunately , I can’t ride for a month so couldn’t play on the ramps. I drank a lot of beer instead and ate a shit load of bratwurst. Here are some […]