My Charge blog

Charge Bikes have updated their site so the URL of my blog there has changed. Go have a peek for some shots by Dave Noakes of me hitting up some spots down by the river Thames. Clikkity click

Stoked On Fixed Bikes Issue 6

Greg just released the latest issue of Stoked On Fixed Bikes and it looks so good! Well done, Greg! Check it out here Also, Dan Locke just released his first issue of Fury Mag. Check it here. Like what you’re […]

Trails at Teddington

I haven’t posted on here for a while as I’ve been so busy moving house etc but there may be the odd post over at my Charge blog here. Last weekend I took my BMX to Teddington to have a […]

This weekend is gonna be fun

London’s Calling kicks off tomorrow with a HIPSTERCAT race. Now here was me thinking I could do my first alleycat as a bonafide messenger when it sounds like I’d have fit the bill better as a good old fakenger! On […]

Some pics from CMWC Warsaw 2011

Here are some pics from the CMWC in Warsaw. Some by me, some by Dave Noakes. We are saving the best for Moving Target Zine but haven’t uploaded them yet. Im sure at some point we will get around to […]

Pedal Speed London issue

The latest edition of Japanese Magazine, Pedal Speed is all about the London bike scene. Inside you’ll find  pics and words I don’t understand about myself and the Fixed Gear London crew amongst others. I’ll post some pics of the […]

New edit coming

I’ve spent the weekend filming for a new edit. I do love riding my fixed gear but I had to literally force myself to ride it two days in a row to get some stuff on film as usually I […]

Victoria Park Skatepark

The new bowl at Victoria Park is coming along nicely. Fingers crossed that it’s not as slippy as the one they just built at Clissold and has better drainage! The bowl looks HUGE! Hopefully they will put in the street […]

UK girl’s BMX tour

Earlier this year Relentless gave 8 girls the oppertunity to travel around the UK and thanks to the skatepark,s we had nearly all the indoor parks to ourselves. This tour was based on progression not on fancy flip whips; these […]

Squeezing out an air at The Spot

Went up to The Spot today for the first time in six months. It’s been so long since I was there that in my head everything was a lot bigger than it actually is! I guess it’s as I’ve been […]

A few shots of me messing around

Here are a couple of snaps of me messing about on my bike. I nearly got tables dialled that day but didn’t manage to get a photo. Hopefully soon I will have proper pics of all the new stuff I’ve […]

Other stuff to read and look at

If you are trying to waste time at work or just generally bored, go check my other blog here which I write for one of my sponsors, Charge Bikes. I recently bought a new camera which I’m trying to get […]

Girls BMX trip

A couple of weeks ago I jumped in a van with seven strangers and went off on a tour of the UK. Sound wierd? Well as there aren’t many girls in BMX you tend to hear about other females riding […]

My rider page

I have made a rider page on facebook as my personal one is running short on space. Im trying to keep it updated with lots of pictures and stuff. Like it if you like! Its here