December 2010

Victoria Park tree ride

Things are getting a little desperate here – it’s still snowy and icy and there’s not a whole lot to ride. So I went and sessioned this tree in the park. What a wierdo I am! Got completely covered in […]

Second time lucky at Corby

I made it back up to Corby to Adrenaline Alley and it was open this time. The place is amazing with lots of different stuff to ride. If one section gets busy you can just go ride something else. There […]

More parks: A10 Skatepark

I won’t let the weather beat me! The minute anything looks vaguely dry I’m off to check it out. Pedalled up to A10 skatepark today to ride it for the first time. Its a lot smaller than it looks on […]

Corby trip of doom

Its been unseasonably cold here in London with snow and ice stopping me having fun riding my bike. There are no proper indoor parks in or anywhere near London; the only covered park is Bay 66 and that is under […]

Tottenham Rec

It was such a beautiful day today and I popped up to Tottenham Rec to play on the fixed gear. The shitty weather coupled with my bad back have resulted in me only getting about one day’s riding in a […]

It’s Horrible at The Alibi

Posy and I have taken a break from our monthly I Heart nights at the Macbeth so I thought I might as well do a night at The Alibi otherwise I’d lose my hipster cred ; ) So come down […]