October 2010

I Heart Fenchurch

Come along to the usual mixture of boozing and dancing as we heart Fenchurch this month at the Macbeth on the 20th October! There’ll be a free BBQ from 8 (ish), free music, artwork to be won and a few […]

Death Or Glory Rotterdam video

Seeing as I wasn’t meant to be riding at Death Or glory in Rotterdam due to my bad back, I decided it would be nice to film and edit a video of the trip instead. Unfortunately the boys buggered off […]

Sofus Francisco

I just got back from the Death Or Glory trick jam in Rotterdam which was a blast! Go check my Charge blog for more on the comp. Anyway, upon my return I discovered a nice gift sent to me by […]

Changed my set up a little

There’s all manner of hoo-hah about 26 inch wheels, isn’t there? From the reaction I’ve had from even discussing the possibility of  trying 26inch wheels on my Scissor V2, you’d think that I was suggesting nailing babies to my frame. […]