September 2010

A pretty shitty week…

Well, this last week really has been pretty shitty. It started off good when I went to the trails and rode my BMX a bunch then I decided to go meet my friends to ride fixed for a while. I […]

Tall Bike Jousting at London’s Calling

London’s Calling took place over the weekend and I managed to take part in precisely nothing except the drinking. I excelled at that though. Oh, actually I did do a checkpoint on Friday night… but obviously that meant sitting around […]

Riding in the woods

I woke up on Sunday feeling terrible as I’d been to see a Metallica tribute band the night before and been dancing on the stage to Danzig at 3am. Still, I hauled my ass out of bed and went to […]

London’s Calling 2010

London’s Calling is taking place the week after next and looks like its gonna be ace. Twenty quid entry is a fair bit- I don’t have loads of money, drink in the park rather than the pub and eat a […]