July 2010


Went to Teddington to ride. They had a line of really small tables which were good for me to mess about on. I fell off so badly my second run that I thought I was gonna vomit so I stuck […]

A little BMX trip

Me and my buddies Phil and Ian decided we wanted to escape the big smoke and do some riding and wild camping. We didnt have much time so this was to be a recce for a longer trip later this […]

Les Ettes/Juli-Ette at Bright

Posy and I went over to Bright, a streetwear, skate and sports tradeshow in Berlin to have a few meetings. And go to a few parties! I finally got to see the finished sample of the lip gloss I’m putting […]

Independent On Sunday cycle special

I made my way into the Independent On Sunday’s bike special, bagging myself a full page with a mini interview where they kinda sandwiched all the words I spoke together to produce something I didnt actually say…The picture came out […]

DVS/Cadence Fast Friday race

I went down to Tokyo Fixed for the Fast Friday race yesterday. We took a guess beforehand who was gonna take the top three spots and we got it exactly right. In fact, couriers took the first five places and […]