May 2010


Been hanging with my friends from Mixtmeat over the weekend. They built some ramps in Dunstan’s garden for a demo/jam kinda thing on Sunday. Unfortunately Robin snapped his frame. Maybe it’ll be a warranty? Who know though – I didnt […]

Latest shit I’ve been up to

I couldn’t think on a good title for this post but the above pretty much sums it up. It’s been so hot and sunny and I’ve just wanted to ride my bike and swim rather than do computer shit. I’ve […]

I Heart Mishka

This month at the Macbeth we are ‘hearting’ Mishka. I first saw Prolly rocking Mishka and we went by the store when we were in NYC. Suffice to say its a super cool brand. I managed to get my mitts […]

Filming in Liverpool for

Posy and I are busy making our pilot show for Hopefully we’ll make it good so that they will let us complete the series and go to places other than South London and Liverpool! Having said that, Liverpool was […]

Scissor mk 2 prototype built up

I built up the new Charge Scissor prototype over the weekend. It feel ACE! I put Profile BMX cranks on it and it feels really solid and stable with the greater width. Gonna be so good for jumping stuff! So, […]

Federal BMX party

Posy and I are organising a press launch and party for Federal Bikes. It takes place next Friday, the 14th May on Hackney Road and naturally there will be free beer. You can also check out Federal’s new line including […]

Filming for

Posy and I recently started filming the pilot for our new show for I’m presenting it which is kinda wierd. Luckily the first stuff we filmed was with my good friend and unofficial BMX coach, Taliban Tom so it […]